Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A few things

(South Kensington branch)

I had a Cheeky Monkey (yes, they're all cutely named), consisting of Nutella and Banana filling. It was a case of too much sweet stuff and nothing else for me. Let's be honest, the I looove the branding and the foil wrap is a really nice touch to keep it from being too hot in my hands, but I much prefer the cone-shaped, cream-filled, overzealous variety you can get in Hong Kong, which is really the same as the Japanese adaptation. Now I don't claim to know much about crêpes but man, the Japanese seem to have a crazy obsession with them. Which is all well and good because we all know that Hong Kong people love to copy all things Jap! I'm not complaining here!

My friend wanted a Snog so we went over there. It's literally a few stores down.

Green tea frozen yoghurt with mochi, cookies and oreos

What has happened to South Kensington this year? First there was the Hummingbird Bakery, and Snog. It was the first Snog too, and we felt so proud to have this hidden gem in South Kensington. They've popped up in various other places since then, and have become an obsession for asian students. Many other frozen yoghurt copycats have appeared - Frog and Yog come to mind (Yog is actually good though!). Then the appearance of Crème de la Crêpe and Wafflemeister have turned South Kensington into a fully-fledged food heaven! I am liking this new wave of dessert places with an emphasis on cute.

Of course, the not-so-cute places are also good. I've been a fan of Paul for a long time now. I don't usually eat sandwiches - their inability to emotionally and physically satisfy me always make me rather depressed - but Paul's tomato/mozarella/pesto sandwich is really good. Probably because it's made with their delicious olive bread.

 I had a yoghurt one day to trick myself into thinking I'm healthy.

Then I stuffed my face with an olive fougasse... Nomnomnom.

 Oh looky here, a random doorknob.


I trawled all the way to Wasabi in knightsbridge a few days ago to satisfy my sushi cravings. It's not the best but boy, is it cheap! 18 pieces cost around £13 - I picked my own pieces and had to unwrap them individually like it was Christmas. My favourite was still the mackerel; I love the combination of fishiness and saltiness. It's good that one of my all time favourites is relatively cheap; it's the same price as salmon in a lot of places.

Can't wait to go home this Christmas and gorge on proper, decent sushi, as well as all kinds of chinese winter dishes. 

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