Friday, 30 December 2011

Paper Birkin

My short holiday at home has been full of the usual shopping and eating. The "paper" birkin by Wonder Anatomie has existed for quite a while now, but I was unsure of how to acquire this curious creation. Imagine my amazement when I found this knockoff-knockoff at Hong Kong clothing store Two Percent (more specifically, it's produced by derivative Plus Minus Times Divided). It only cost $300 HKD (approx 40 USD), or $50 if you buy another item! I just purchased a cheap vest so that I could pay the heavily discounted price.

Like the version from Wonder Anatomie, this one seems to be made of cork leather and not paper as the name deceivingly implies. It looks even less crumple-prone and also comes in grey.

Hopefully it'll last for a while. I'm even considering buying another one for when this one wears out. Love it!


  1. OMG i love the knockoff knockoff LOL!!! That's great!!

  2. I love your post. I'm exhausted in trying to find a source in how to purchase this great find of yours. Would you know how to purchase on here in the US? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks! I've been looking everywhere too but it really is hard to find here. I found a black one on etsy ( But the seller has marked the price up a lot...

      There's also a fake birkin made of neoprene here:
      It's around $275 USD but ships free from singapore. Hope that helps!

    2. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Wonder Anatomie also ships worldwide if you give them your email:

      And the neoprene bag can also be found directly on the designer's website: