Wednesday, 28 November 2012

TINSEL TOWN by Sephora x OPI

It amazes me how early people in the US start celebrating major holidays. People were already setting Christmas decorations up on their front yard before Thanskgiving, and Christmas songs have been playing on the radio non stop.

I figured I'd embrace this so I bought this nail polish set off Sephora, and it's really getting me into the holiday mood.

The full sized top coat "Only Gold For Me" is great! So many possibilities. I'm liking these glittery, slutty nails right now. Dare I try a glitter gradient soon?


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pink Panache

Seriously in love with Mrs. Harrison's style... When I grow old I want to be as stylish as she is!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Light Up My Life

The problem with really special candles is that I never want to use them.

It's kind of stupid if you think about it. You don't want to enjoy the moment because you anticipate its ending.

I almost bought two of the teacup candles today so that I could use one up and have the other one to keep staring at. Kind of regret not doing that now... Guess I could refill it with my own wax but obviously I'm too lazy for that to ever happen.

Clockwise from top left: teacup candle from Royal Albert China; Solstice candle from Fringe; apple and pinecone candle from Bee Happy Candles; La Petite Pomme Rouge from DL&Co

The candles from Bee Happy Candles are made from beeswax and smell divine with a hint of honey! I got them at the farmer's market in Davis last weekend. The lady at the stall said that you need to burn them long enough so that the insides are liquified, and the light glows through from the inside out.

Maybe the secret is to buy candles that aren't the most special but still make you feel like you're indulging yourself?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Healthy Strawberry "Parfait"

One girl versus the world.

Or 2.5 lbs of strawberries. Same thing.

WHO will win???

It was a intense race against time as they began to show signs of rotting... but humankind prevailed in the end!

This version of the humble parfait uses greek yoghurt and honey for a healthy spin on things.

I think I need to take a break from strawberries for a while.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Gifts

It's still difficult being away from London, especially when people were celebrating the Queen's Jubilee last weekend. I put it at the back of my mind and also managed to forget to browse gifts online.

Mother of God, this teacup from Fortnum & Mason is so whimsical... I want it!

And this silk scarf from Libery London is sold out already. Sad times.


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Simple Strawberry Smoothie

After tacos and cakes at the farmer's market I needed a light dinner.

I'd just bought 2 pounds' worth of strawberries so I made one of my favourite smoothies. It only consists of almond milk (super low in calories!), strawberries, greek yoghurt and honey.

Setting up the photo probably took more time than the making of the smoothie!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Good morning, saturday

It's been a long week...

It started out on a high after I went on a spontaneous skydive at San Marcos last Sunday, but trouble in the workplace and upcoming exams have left me exhausted.

Poached eggs with parma ham, garlic and basil butter on toast and danish blue cheese were the perfect pick-me-up. Here's hoping the next week will be better!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Oh Jewelled Tree

We first met in the summer of 2010.

I wanted to take you home, but I couldn't bear to part with $32 just yet... and so I waited for the day when you'd be discounted. But that day never came. Sure, I gazed at your online photograph from time to time, but life eventually got in the way and you become a distant memory.

Fast forward to 2012; I was surprised that you had been waiting all this time, quietly insisting that you were worth every penny. I couldn't resist you anymore. It was time to take you home.

Little birch jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cathay Pacific x Agnès B travel kit

Last Christmas, I was upgraded to business class for my flight to Hong Kong and back. It just goes to show how much easier it is to be upgraded on flights to and from the US, as I've been flying to and from London for 7 years and never got upgraded! I've never been so well-fed and well-rested... feel so spoilt now.

Business class passengers were given in-flight travel kits designed by agnès b. My flights were only 2 weeks apart but the bag's design had changed already.

The skincare products by Murad were actually really useful and foam earplugs were also included, the same ones that I use in noisy places to protect from worsening of my tinnitus. The headphones in business class now have a noise-canceling function, which makes a massive difference.

The cute bags can be also used afterwards... Love them!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Love Vintage

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was cursed with the inability to prepare for an exam unless it was in less than 24 hours. Late one night, during one of her last minute revision sessions, tired, cranky and exasperated with her misfortune, she decided to cheer herself up by buying all the beautiful things she had favourited from Etsy's vintage section, and all was well in the world. For a few minutes at least.

It was good timing, because I had a little accident last week and ended up with stitches in my toe, stuck at home and bored to death - these deliveries perked me up a bit.

First I received this red travel wallet by St Thomas (sold by pollygolightly). I'm just crazy about wallets with different compartments and the descriptions stamped on - I've wanted a travel wallet from Aspinal of London for absolutely ages. Maybe it's because I'm an organisation-freak... can't resist red leather either. BTW, Zara is selling a red clutch bag with different compartments too. Might have purchased it by now, if it wasn't for the fact that I'd just bought something similar... (see below)

I also fell in love with this vintage toiletry set, made in West Germany (sold by cammoo). Beautiful split cowhide, neat little boxes, and a mirror too... not sure what to do with the brush but who cares when it looks this awesome?!

Been looking for a nice big leather bag that I can put my DSLR in along with everything else... was hoping to eventually buy one from THEIT but couldn't resist this boxy camera bag (sold by msmichiganroux). The front panel can be opened and pulled outwards. So rad!

Even with the specs listed it was roomier that I'd imagined...

Enough with the leather goods already!!

Okay, just one more...

This vintage clutch from Coach was designed by Bonnie Cashin and made in NY in the 70's, which is pretty awesome seeing as all Coach bags are now made in China. I mean, I'm Chinese and even I'm sick of it. Okay, so this one isn't from Etsy - I scored it on Ebay and paid a little more than I'd hoped, but it was still cheaper than the version Coach is currently reissuing as part of their Coach classics collection.

Lastly, I got these awesome teaspoons (obviously I think everything I bought is awesome, sorry for this abuse of the word) from englishrosevintage. Love the packaging!

The spoons are topped with a 3D crown and ship.

Buying vintage really makes you think about how the things you own can last you a long, long time, if you appreciate and purchase good quality items. It's easy to forget this when we live in a consumerist society where many companies try to sell things for as shit quality as possible - Jason Wu for Target, I'm looking at you!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Single Valentine's

When you're single, valentine's day is really an excuse to treat yourself right and indulge in the things you love... sometimes it may be more meaningful than having a boyfriend rush to the supermarket to buy flowers at 7pm because he'd look like a jerk if he didn't conform to social norms and spend his money on overpriced pink and red consumables.

Well... I hope that didn't sound like a bitter rant! Vday can be well spent with a lover too. But I think my flatmate and I did a good job of making ourselves happy for the night, which included strawberry cocktails, steak with potato/ sweet potato mash, and an apple pancake cake.

My flatmate was even sweet enough to buy me chocolates... she's had to quit eating chocolate as it triggers her migraines, so I've ordered some carob powder and carob chips to try as a chocolate substitute. Can't wait to receive them!


Friday, 3 February 2012

Pancake mix, two ways

I just moved in January and I love having a flatmate again... especially when you wake up to find her stirring a pancake mix.

Living with someone else who also obsesses a lot about food is soo bad for my waistline though. Take this apple pancake cake for example: a totally spontaneous idea that my calorie budget just did not save room for... but what the heck, we made it anyway. It's just too easy! Apple slices are placed at the bottom of the pie tin, cinnamon, sugar and pancake mix is poured on top and the whole thing is baked until firm.

It looks pretty ugly fresh out of the oven, but deceivingly decent when it's all dressed up with syrup and some extra cinnamon. Maybe this would be good for impressing a future boyfriend with minimal effort...