Sunday, 28 November 2010

Laptop Accessories - An Extension of Lifestyle

A luxurious take on laptop sleeves and bags made specifically to fit your beloved notebook in.

These products really reminded me of Luxiraire's amazing handmade camera bag, travel bag and iPad bag.

Mulberry for Apple
Daria Sleeve for Macbook
Bayswater for 13" Macbook

"We wanted a bag that was as special and personal to us as what we held within it. Not simply a container, but an extension of both style and lifestyle."
The Knomo bags are my favourite... I think I'm in love.
Rubi Briefcase - medium
Helena flap brief with removable laptop pouch

I especially love the laptop sleeves. Once I saw them, my mind screamed "I WANT I WANT!"
Patent Mock-Croc laptop sleeve
Bayswater embossed quilt sleeve
Made with faux nappa leather, some even come with a faux-fur lining. All Knomo products come with an individual tracking code, which you can register your bag with. I'm not sure how useful this could be when someone finds it - they'd have to call one of the numbers on the tag - but it's a good initiative nonetheless. The sleeves are £40 each - a possible Christmas gift to myself??

Ianthe embossed leather business bag

Ianthe embossed leather laptop sleeve
It's getting super cold in London. Don't forget to wrap up!


  1. OH my GOOOODNESS how lush is that purple Mulberry laptop sleeve? I want one!

  2. Aw I never thanked you for being the second person to ever comment on my blog lol! :) so thank you!! I love your blog btw!
    And yes it's mega lush indeed.

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