Saturday, 18 February 2012

Single Valentine's

When you're single, valentine's day is really an excuse to treat yourself right and indulge in the things you love... sometimes it may be more meaningful than having a boyfriend rush to the supermarket to buy flowers at 7pm because he'd look like a jerk if he didn't conform to social norms and spend his money on overpriced pink and red consumables.

Well... I hope that didn't sound like a bitter rant! Vday can be well spent with a lover too. But I think my flatmate and I did a good job of making ourselves happy for the night, which included strawberry cocktails, steak with potato/ sweet potato mash, and an apple pancake cake.

My flatmate was even sweet enough to buy me chocolates... she's had to quit eating chocolate as it triggers her migraines, so I've ordered some carob powder and carob chips to try as a chocolate substitute. Can't wait to receive them!


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