Sunday, 31 October 2010

Chambord Mini

So I hope you indulged yourself like I did today.

I only noticed lately that they sold a mini version of the liqueur... it's perfect as I can bring it back home when I eventually leave London, instead of throwing the 70cl bottle away. Besides, I'm not a huge fan of the redesign. In fact, I'm utterly devastated. I can't believe they're letting this gorgeous design go. Trading romance for practicality? Blasphemy!!

The handmade greeting card is by Karrie Barron cards. I bought it a few years back at The Apple Market in Covent Garden... haven't seen the stall since then, sadly.

Oh, and I still have a pair of earrings I got at a halloween party yearssss ago, back in primary school. Adorable, aren't they?

I've just changed my blog name... This blog was originally for detailing my experiences with tinnitus, but I feel like it's evolving to be about other things as well. I did like my old title though... "The Closest Thing to Silence" reflected the condition well.

Anyways, Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hotel Chocolat & ... healthy food for once

Creamy vanilla white chocolate with vanilla seeds, from Hotel Chocolat
I'd already eaten half of it by the time I took a picture, apologies. It was hard to resist. And I just love the cute imprint of what looks a lot like the Union Jack (I really hope that's what it's supposed to be, otherwise I'd feel incredibly stupid)!

After my chocolate binge, I went on a Sainsbury's shopping spree. I was actually in a mood for healthy food!

Caeser salad with smoked salmon trimmings
Ciabbata with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar
I know, I bought the cheapest smoked salmon oil and vinegar. It'll do for now... I'll refine my taste buds when I'm no longer on a budget.

There's a little insect flying around me. Being a lazy mofo I always try to catch them single-handedly, sort of kung fu style, then squash them dead with the fat lobules of my hand. It makes me feel very asian indeed. I wonder if anyone else does that??

On a random note, I got stuck in a lift today. It was much better than the last time I was stuck though, because
a) the lift was bigger,
b) I wasn't alone, and
c) we got out pretty fast, compared to the 45 minutes I spent sat on the floor last time.
However, there was also an elderly, weak patient who was also with us (I have lectures at a hospital). She was so panicky and trembling, I offered her my water. The pretty carton of water from Joe & the Juice, to be exact (see last post). This means I shall have to go and get one again! Cause it's cute : ) We got out of the lift on ground floor again... so we walked the patient up one floor. She was so frail... Anyways, I was just happy to help out. It feels good to be of use to the world.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Take the C1 from White City

I like to take long bus rides. It forces me to sit there and reflect, and at the same time, observe the random things that we may pass by whilst being in my own world. I'm a great believer in having time to oneself; there's no need to smile when you don't feel like it, to make pointless conversation. In fact, I even feel cheated when I get home too soon. Yes call me emo if you like! Social withdrawal is my indulgence of choice.

Btw, my friends bought me the Sound Asleep pillow for my bday.
Sweet, right?
It's alright... not as good as I expected, but for £15 it's definitely good value for money. On the website it says that only you can hear the sounds, "meaning your partner can sleep in peace". Errr not really. To turn the volume up to an acceptable level it pretty much becomes a loudspeaker stuffed into a pillow. And I can kind of feel it inside if I sleep on one of the sides. Still, I have no partner right now so it's not a problem!

So what do I listen to when I go to bed?
Lately I got an iPod Touch. Not the newest one though; I got it for free when I bought a macbook pro. Hehe. Anyways, there are a plethora of white noise apps out there but I've been using White Noise by TMSOFT. I've only got the free Lite version cause I'm a cheapass, but it's sufficient. You can mix different sounds together; I always use my saved mix of rain, thunder and white noise. You can also set the length of time for which you want the sounds to play, so that it can then fade away after you've fallen asleep. There's also an alarm function.

Me and my friends are a bit iLoopy. Seriously, we never chat anymore cause we're all too busy playing stupid games.
All in all, sleeping's not really a problem nowadays, and I don't have to sleep with earphones on for the whole night and run the risk of strangling myself. Of course, I'm still wearing earplugs on noisy public transport and to clubs!