Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Baked eggs

The first time I heard of baked eggs was when reading blog posts about breakfast at Lantana Cafe in London. Their version had chorizo in it and was topped with rocket salad - not bad!

I love how easy it is to make baked eggs - you can pretty much throw whatever you want in your creation. You don't even have to bake it in a dish - back in my superlazy days I would crack an egg on top of toast, sausages and pasta sauce from a jar...

It's like how you can splatter paint onto a canvas and call it abstract art, except unlike Pollock I ain't winning any awards with this mess.

Then I stopped living by myself and figured I didn't want to scare people off with my food; luckily it's easy to make baked eggs look half-decent.

Here I just used avocado, cheese, ham and mashed potato, anything I had in the fridge really.
Just bake at around 350 F until the eggs are done and you're good to go!