Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thanksgiving Loot

Since Thanksgiving pretty much consists of stuffing yourself with rich food and going crazy with shopping these days, it doesn't feel like my first time celebrating it. It just feels like I'm welcoming an old friend, and it's about darn time you showed up, pal!

Many shops were open before it was even midnight... I'm just glad I didn't do something dangerous like go to Walmart and fight for a two dollar waffle iron. We went to the Houston Premium Outlets instead.

Lo and behold, there was a Wedgewood store! I bought a teacup and saucer in the Lady Carlyle pattern for around $16 USD... it would have cost over $40 full price. They were out of stock for the saucer though, so it's getting sent to my apartment.

The hollyberry candle from Fringe Studio smells amazing, but I have a feeling it's an item from last year's collection as I can't find it online anymore... it's a shame since I would have loved to stock up on more of them.

My sister and her boyfriend both snatched up boxers from Gap with candy cane and snowmen prints... obviously I had to get my hands on them too. They make for some seriously cute pajama shorts.

I also got a silk shirt from Theory for $37... gotta love a good bargain, though I don't see myself wearing it any time soon. Speaking of which, I don't know why I've ended up with so many white clothes... it's not really a wise choice for clumsy people like me.

I also wanted to buy a bag from Kate Spade but had to refrain, as I'd bought a digital piano online... It's been months since I've played piano (i.e. too f*cking long) so I cannot wait to get it!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I'm sure everyone's holiday spirit will snowball (see what I did there?) rapidly into Christmas. Don't you just love the the end of every year? It's time to start reflecting on 2011: the decisions we made, the people we met, the friendships we maintained and the family members we got to know better. x

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Pink Bubbly

Pretty teacup... check.

English Breakfast tea from Fortum & Mason... check.

Teapot... oh damn - I don't have a teapot!!

One teacup really does not hold enough tea for a good drinking session... So before I get myself a teapot, I guess this gorgeous teacup will have to be used for other means.

(This china set is part of the Royal Doulton collection that celebrates 100 years of Royal Albert China)

Self-indulgence needs no occasion! 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Orange Halloween

It started off relatively simple.

But then I burnt myself trying to light the candle inside the oranges... so I was determined to make it worth my while.

Oranges are a great substitute for pumpkins. It turns out that two oranges cost around the same as a pumpkin... but I'm guessing they're easier to carve!

Candles are so soothing... must remember to light them more often.

Skull candles from DL&Co, DIY string balls

Doesn't bokeh put you in the mood for Christmas?!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A week in London

Life has been hectic as I've tried to settle down in Houston.

But I did go back to London last month to attend my graduation ceremony. Obviously I tried to cram as much in as possible, which included watching Phantom of the Opera for the third time and revisiting some of my favourite restaurants and shops.

It's hard not to miss such a great city and not feel sad about not knowing when I'll next be back!

First night in London: my dad wanted to try out the Goring Restaurant, as the corresponding hotel is where Kate Middleton spent the night before her wedding. They have a well-priced 3 course dinner menu.

They made arrangements for my dad's birthday as requested :)
I've been to Terroirs once before and so I brought my parents there for a quick meal before watching Phantom. It's like gourmet comfort food 

Snails on toast 

Quail on polenta

Candy Cafe completes my life...

THAT cheesecake crepe

Graduation @ Royal Albert Hall
The day after: lunch with the parents at the Ledbury.

I let my dad order the lamb... tasted just as amazing as the last time.
The truffle toast that accompanied the buffalo milk curd

The brilliant violet ice cream!

A good friend treated me to dinner at Mitsukoshi. Why have I not been before? You know it's good when even the Japanese go there!

There is a huge gaping hole in my life that rose macarons once occupied... Can someone send me some from Pierre Herme please?

The Harwood Arms... partly owned by Brett Graham of the Ledbury, I've been meaning to try this gastropub for a long time. For some reason, I forgot to book a table and we were only able to sit at the bar. Thankfully, the "bar snacks" still make for a decent lunch.

THAT scotch egg

And lastly... the obligatory souvenirs:

Finally managed to tick off a lot of things on my wish list (please bear with the pink overload; I have my moments!), like the teacup and mug I bought at the Harrods store at the airport just before leaving.

I've been back in Houston for a fortnight now... and although interesting restaurants and shops aren't condensed together like in London, I'm sure that there will be good finds - if I look hard enough. 

Dear London... I will be back someday. x