Sunday, 31 October 2010

Chambord Mini

So I hope you indulged yourself like I did today.

I only noticed lately that they sold a mini version of the liqueur... it's perfect as I can bring it back home when I eventually leave London, instead of throwing the 70cl bottle away. Besides, I'm not a huge fan of the redesign. In fact, I'm utterly devastated. I can't believe they're letting this gorgeous design go. Trading romance for practicality? Blasphemy!!

The handmade greeting card is by Karrie Barron cards. I bought it a few years back at The Apple Market in Covent Garden... haven't seen the stall since then, sadly.

Oh, and I still have a pair of earrings I got at a halloween party yearssss ago, back in primary school. Adorable, aren't they?

I've just changed my blog name... This blog was originally for detailing my experiences with tinnitus, but I feel like it's evolving to be about other things as well. I did like my old title though... "The Closest Thing to Silence" reflected the condition well.

Anyways, Happy Halloween!


  1. You've a sweet blog Suety. Sorry to hear about your tinnitus issue. It's a real shame and must be rather frustrating at times. I hear ringing in my ears too now and again and I blame it on all my loud music and going to friends djing gigs. Be careful yea. Glad to see such a lovely blogpost on here. loveage x

  2. aw thanks so much : )
    I've slowly learnt to handle it, and am very careful now! You take care too