Monday, 1 August 2011


I'm back in Hong Kong now, but still reminiscing about our greek holiday 2 months ago. I've been putting off blogging about it because it was simply too epic!

We stayed at Sigalas hotel on Kamari beach - it was at the very end of the beach, away from the restaurants, which was a bit inconvenient to be honest.

The hotel itself was lovely though.

Dinner on a boat; we were near Oia at this point. If you do go on a boat trip, choose the ones that take you out to the more remote beaches, not the more common ones that simply go to the volcanic island and hot springs.

Donkey taxis - one of the best experiences in Santorini? I think so.

Wish I was back in Greece and munching on a souvlaki stick right now! They're a very popular street food.

Seriously, after trying this lamb souvlaki I was obsessed.

It costs around 1.50 euros for a stick, but for 2.50 you get a souvlaki pitta, which they typically chuck some fries in.

Psarou Garden Hotel, so named because they have a garden where they grow all their veg. The staff were amazingly friendly. Especially Yannis!

Wild cherrys with syrup - a sweet welcoming.

The best moussaka we had on the trip was had at the hotel.

This was a lovely store in the town centre that sells various greek desserts. 

Baklava - so sinfully good.

The staff at the hotel recommended Parnormos beach - apparently it's the most beautiful beach in Mykonos. I wouldn't be surprised, as it was much less crowded than Paradise and Super Paradise.

There was only one bar in operation when we went. You didn't have to pay for the deck chairs, which is uncommon in Mykonos. You simply needed to order from the bar. 

Strawberry daiquiri - loved it! What a good start to the day :P

Their food was honestly pretty good. I ordered the club sandwich while someone else went for the burger - a very juicy burger at that.

Arriving at Athens was a massive culture shock. The grime! The graffiti! The dodgy lighting!

Thankfully, we only spent one night here.

We went on a late night hunt for food and ended up at this German store.

Ah, this will have to do for now.

The last day was spent visiting the acropolis.

Backstreet boys - asian edition?

That's all folks. Counting down the days til Texas! x

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