Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dinner By Heston

A few of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to secure a booking for Dinner a few days before the booked date (I randomly clicked on different times until someone suddenly cancelled). Most of my friends were still busy with their final year projects, but I did manage to find someone to go with in the end. Turns out that while I'm obsessed with eating, he's obsessed with cooking.

I have something to admit though. My sense of smell went downhill these past few months; I thought that it was accumulative damage from being sick all the time. Fortunately, when I went to Greece last week my sense of smell slowly recovered! I honestly thought I'd never get it back. Perhaps it's because I was more active on holiday... who knows.

But anyways! Here is what we had at Dinner By Heston.

Side note: the bread was disappointingly stale. Which is a shame, because bread done right is a triumph in itself (take Ledbury's bacon and onion brioche, for example).

Starters: there was never any doubt that I was going to choose Meat Fruit! Chicken liver parfait in a "skin" of mandarin jelly. After this meal, I caught up on all of the episodes in Heston's Feasts; turns out that he created this dish on the show. I'm just so glad he doesn't use bull's bollocks for the filling anymore. My friend opted for Rice and Flesh; I didn't try it but he gobbled it up in about 30 seconds, so it must've been good.

Mains: my friend tried the Black Foot Pork Chop while I went for the beef. They were offering an alternative cut to the Sirloin of Black Angus on the menu for £5 more; I chose that but I've forgotten exactly what it was!
It's true that the mains are the most underwhelming, but it was still the softest steak I'd ever had. The generous dollop of bone marrow on top reminded me of my meal at the Ledbury.

This was accompanied by mushroom ketchup and triple cooked chips.

Both of us ordered Tipsy Cake and from what I could taste this was scrumptious! The alcohol added a nice kick to the cake but it was still so comforting to eat. I wasn't mightily impressed by the piece of pineapple... but this may be due to my then lack of smell.

We finished off with an earl grey ganache and caraway seed biscuit. I love drinking tea so this turned out to be my favourite part of the meal. And it was free!


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