Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hotel Chocolat & ... healthy food for once

Creamy vanilla white chocolate with vanilla seeds, from Hotel Chocolat
I'd already eaten half of it by the time I took a picture, apologies. It was hard to resist. And I just love the cute imprint of what looks a lot like the Union Jack (I really hope that's what it's supposed to be, otherwise I'd feel incredibly stupid)!

After my chocolate binge, I went on a Sainsbury's shopping spree. I was actually in a mood for healthy food!

Caeser salad with smoked salmon trimmings
Ciabbata with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar
I know, I bought the cheapest smoked salmon oil and vinegar. It'll do for now... I'll refine my taste buds when I'm no longer on a budget.

There's a little insect flying around me. Being a lazy mofo I always try to catch them single-handedly, sort of kung fu style, then squash them dead with the fat lobules of my hand. It makes me feel very asian indeed. I wonder if anyone else does that??

On a random note, I got stuck in a lift today. It was much better than the last time I was stuck though, because
a) the lift was bigger,
b) I wasn't alone, and
c) we got out pretty fast, compared to the 45 minutes I spent sat on the floor last time.
However, there was also an elderly, weak patient who was also with us (I have lectures at a hospital). She was so panicky and trembling, I offered her my water. The pretty carton of water from Joe & the Juice, to be exact (see last post). This means I shall have to go and get one again! Cause it's cute : ) We got out of the lift on ground floor again... so we walked the patient up one floor. She was so frail... Anyways, I was just happy to help out. It feels good to be of use to the world.

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