Sunday, 1 July 2012

Light Up My Life

The problem with really special candles is that I never want to use them.

It's kind of stupid if you think about it. You don't want to enjoy the moment because you anticipate its ending.

I almost bought two of the teacup candles today so that I could use one up and have the other one to keep staring at. Kind of regret not doing that now... Guess I could refill it with my own wax but obviously I'm too lazy for that to ever happen.

Clockwise from top left: teacup candle from Royal Albert China; Solstice candle from Fringe; apple and pinecone candle from Bee Happy Candles; La Petite Pomme Rouge from DL&Co

The candles from Bee Happy Candles are made from beeswax and smell divine with a hint of honey! I got them at the farmer's market in Davis last weekend. The lady at the stall said that you need to burn them long enough so that the insides are liquified, and the light glows through from the inside out.

Maybe the secret is to buy candles that aren't the most special but still make you feel like you're indulging yourself?

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