Friday, 9 September 2011

Cafe Makoto - Hong Kong

I spent a month back at home in Hong Kong, and my parents took me to Cafe Makoto for a farewell dinner. 

Like many Hong Kong people, I'm obsessed with sushi. "Going home for dinner? I'll just pop a few on the way back." "Tired from all the shopping? I'll just sit down for a bite!" There are many decent, affordable sushi places in Hong Kong (interesting read), and the sushi at Cafe Makoto is definitely up to standard. I'm not a fan of places that overdress the sushi in an attempt to be innovative. The umami in the raw fish gets totally swamped. Less is more - leave it alone!

Situated in Yuen Long, Cafe Makoto overlooks the grimy town. I was surprised I'd never been as I live nearby; I'm just used to going to Itacho Sushi and Itamae sushi, both members of the Taste Of Japan group. We go out Sunday night for dinner, as this is our domestic helper's day off. 

Marketing itself as a Western/Japanese restaurant, oysters are on the menu. Yay!  

A gorgeously rich lobster bisque.

Baked fresh scallop with black truffle sauce - sounds good on paper... but alas! The cheese was a little weird.

The wasabi roasted lamb chop with red wine sauce was an interesting combination and worked out well. We ended with a cheesecake - this place is part japanese after all.
Slightly on the expensive side for a Sunday night... but the decor is quite elegant. I wish I came here more often with my parents.

Missing London / Hong Kong terribly... will post more soon! x

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